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The 6 rules for the perfect Podcast


A good narrative is the foundation on which to build your podcast. Storytelling, topic and language are the three elements that define its duration and target.

Voice Recording

A clear and intelligible voice is the fundamental element in the realization of a podcast. This phase is fundamental to give professionalism to your product and speed up the post-production process.

Voice Denoise

If it is not possible to record optimally all is not lost. The technology offers some very effective voice "denoise" tools but they must be used competently.

Music and sound effects

To make a podcast unique and compelling it is advisable to enrich it with Music (original or library) to excite the listener, and Sound Effects to emphasize the narrative. Anche la sigla iniziale e finale può aiutare a renderlo riconoscibile

Audio mix of the episode

It represents the phase in which to join all the elements so far realized (voice, music and sound effects, archival materials) adjusting the volumes and giving everyone the right importance.


In order for the final result to be heard by as many people as possible, each episode will be released on the most popular streaming platforms. Be careful to respect the parameters required by each, to avoid that the algorithms compromise the original quality of the file.

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