Web Series, Italy, 2021


The project

Rosa De Giorgi (Silvia Saponaro) and Alfredo Gasperin (Marco De Martin Modolado) are two penniless actors with a dream in the drawer: break into the world of theater. They decide to try everything to create the show that will lead them to success.

From the meeting with Andrea Belli (Eugenio Gradabosco), an ambiguous producer who offers them an unmissable opportunity, begins the adventure in which Rosa and Alfredo will face challenges to the limits of the grotesque that will put them to the test. Where is the border between truth and fiction? Will the two protagonists succeed in realizing their dream in a race against time?


Lacumbia Film, Isophonic Studio, Angelo D’agostino

Direction and video editing

Angelo D’agostino

Isophonic Studio

Audio in presa diretta

Montaggio e Post-produzione audio