Short Movie, Italy, 2018

The project

Produced by Lacumbia film Association for the competition 50 ore Torino di Enrico Venditti, il corto metraggio si è aggiudicato il secondo premio dell’edizione 2018.

As per regulations, it was written, shot, edited in 50 hours between 22 of 11 May and 24 of 13 May 2018.

The mandatory parameters to be entered were as follows: - Costume element: Antenna - Prop: Landline - Phrase: "The message is in binary code, you just have to decipher it"

In addition to the second prize of the competition, he receives the mention of the critics for the sound edited by Isophonic Studio.

Produced by

Lacumbia Film


2° Premio – Concorso 50 Ore Torino 2018

Isophonic Studio

Location Sound

Audio post-production