Short Film

Italy, 2019

The project

In a world where lake monsters exist, we follow the daily life of Giacomo Rosetti, the one who takes care of Isy, the monster of Lake Iseo.

In Lake Iseo, as in every other lake in the world starting from the most famous Loch Ness, there is a monster: Isy.
The short film that won the competition Eyes on the Lake,
winner of the twenty-second edition of the International Short Film Festival CortoLovere, tells the typical day of the one who takes care of it, helped by the community of the village on the shores of the lake.
The short film in question, from the evocative title of "Monster Sitter" is obviously a mockumentary - film and television genre in which fictional and fictional events are presented as real through the artifice of documentary language, become popular after movies like "The Blair Witch Project", "Cloverfield" and the latest "The Visit" or the tv series "Modern Family" - it was the work of a group of filmmakers from Tortona and Turin that had to comply with the strict requirements of the competition for which a crew of up to five people had five days to shoot, assemble and package a short film of up to five minutes. The subjects selected for the competition were chosen by the artistic director of the Festival, Gianni Canova (rector of the IULM University of Milan, film historian and film critic)." Monster Sitter" was directed by Elena Beatrice and Daniele Lince who also wrote and produced it together with Sofia Falchetto and Matteo Tarditi, Jacopo Schieda (for Isophonic Studio) He edited the sound live and Giacomo Pratelli has interpreted in an exceptional way the part of the "Monster Sitter" of Lake Iseo. To complete the work, there are the original music by Luca Fois, the audio post-production curated by Isophonic Studio and the visual effects of Valerio Marcozzi.

Best Movie for “Occhi sul lago” Festival Corto Lovere 2019

Direction and video editing

Daniele Lince, Elena Beatrice


Matteo Tarditi


Sofia Falchetto


Giacomo Pratelli

Isophonic Studio

Location Sound

Audio post-production

Mix Audio 5.1