Short Film

Italy, 2019

The project

A man in crisis just doesn’t know how to fix things with his conscience.

Daniele Lince & Elena Beatrice present
a Canon project
with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte
“Un caso di coscienza” (eng. title “A Case Of Conscience”)
with Vincenzo Servello and Daniela Freguglia
and with Gabriele Bocchio
make-up Agnese De Mariarosa
production sound mix Isophonic Studio
post-production sound and mix Simone Lampedone
director of photography Davide Piazzolla
associate producers Roberto Tomeo and Davide Piazzolla
story by Daniele Lince
written and edited by Elena Beatrice & Daniele Lince and Roberto Tomeo
produced and directed by Elena Beatrice & Daniele Lince


Elena Beatrice, Daniele Lince

Direction and video editing

Daniele Lince, Elena Beatrice

Isophonic Studio

Location Sound