Feature film

Italy, 2018



Luca Canale Brucculeri brings to the big screen a real tribute to the cinema of Dario Argento, with Onirica. The first feature film directed by the young director from Turin, the film highlights the importance of the setting, the city of Turin, making it one of the main characters of the film, with its dark and mysterious atmosphere.

Realized with the collaboration of Mattia G. Furlan and Antonio Rochira, in co-production with Lacumbia Film, Isophonic Studio and Gipix, Onirica tells of a Turin upset by some heinous murders, which however seem to be committed immediately by the same person, a lover of the films of the master Dario Argento.

We are on the eve of August, in Turin. The city is upset by a series of murders, which take place in the places where Dario Argento’s films were shot. The police suspect that the culprit is a scholar of the Italian master of the thrill. The manhunt is open.

Directed by

Luca Canale Brucculeri


May Films

Lacumbia Film


Isophonic Studio

Location Sound


Audio post-production

Mix 5.1