Documentary, Italy, 2019


Gianni Reinetti is a quiet Turin gentleman of 81 years. After a life spent in serenity and quiet between passions and work, August 6, 2016 becomes the protagonist of a dream come true; after 52 years spent together, Gianni finally joins Franco Perrello. The first gay couple civilly united in Turin, Franco and Gianni finally become a family for the Italian State and a symbol of hope and encouragement for young people.

In the film, shot after the death of Franco, Gianni traces the more than 50 years of his love story, lived in parallel to five important decades in the history of the contemporary LGBT movement, with the testimonies of Giovanni Minerba and Chiara Appendino.

Gianni Reinetti
Giovanni Minerba
Chiara Appendino
Silvana Reinetti
Rosina Valpondi

Angelo D’Agostino

Silvia Pesce

Federica Turco

Directed by

Angelo D’agostino, Marta Lombardelli

Isophonic Studio

Location Sound

Audio post-production

Mix 5.1


Torino, 34° Lovers Film Festival